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Healthy food, healthy lifestyle, healthy travel.

Who doesn't love exploring new places!? From tasting local cuisine to watching daily life unfold in a main plaza, traveling allows us to observe and participate in cultures different from our own. Check out where we are now, and some places we have visited already!

Day Trip

Calling all my fellow yogi and yoginis! I have been practicing yoga for over a third of my life and to say I love practicing and teaching is an understatement.

Here I share some of my own knowledge and experience as my practice continues to grow and evolve as a student and teacher.

Sharing Food

Eating healthy can be challenging, Here you will find cooking tips, product reviews, and delicious recipes for the Vegetarian, (and sometimes Pescatarian, Ovatarian, & Vegan) diets.

Take Away Coffe Cup with Cute Message

Whether it's tips for a successful morning, insight on how to change certain daily patterns or behaviors, or some fun Feng Shui to give your place a face lift, our lifestyle section is here to help you!



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